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Things I Like: Hendrix, Classic rock, The Blues Brothers, Back to the future (all of em) Die Hard 1 and 2, The Chicago White Sox, The St. Louis Cardinals, Italian food, yo momma jokes.

Things I Dislike: All Politicians, "Political Correctness", Light Beer, most anything on TV, Stupid teens that wreck their Cadilac in front of my house at 3 am.
AGE: 21
Real name: Mic Foley...
Perfered Force: /rcon status
Also known as: [JH]MEatLoAf, varies...
Skin on JK2: some JH skin, if not that, then it varies...
Skill's: I'm an Iron Chef.
Favorite show: X-Games or anything with a little pain.
Favorite Face: >8(
Favorite Fish: If it's moving, I like it.
Other Info: I prolly don't like you
Most heard saying: I wish my pizza was emo so it would cut itself
Favorite thing I remember: Being in a car at 80 mph on the tollway (in the lane near the cement barrier) while the driver was like "no hands!" for several miles. That really rocked!